Pengo Auger Teeth- Tips to improve Lifespan

Pengo Auger Teeth- Tips to improve Lifespan

Pengo has been releasing some of the best auger teeth in the market for the last few years. By being one of the oldest industrial machine and tool manufacturers, Pengo has invested heavily in the quality of their products. Pengo auger teeth are some of the best you can find in the market. Whether you are drilling foundation or poling, these are some of the best teeth in the market. However, they may not give you much value for money if you don’t use them properly.  Here are tips that can help you enjoy you auger teeth for a more extended period of time:

Keep the teeth Cool always

One of the biggest problems that will destroy your teeth quickly is the heat generated by the teeth and the surface. If you are drilling hard or rocky surfaces, then the amount of heat generated is too much, and it is like to weaken or break the teeth. That is why it is essential to cool the teeth while drilling. You can have the auger removed after every five minutes to allow hot air to escape or the cold air to get in the hole. You can also use water, which the best way to keep the auger cool. Apart from cooling, water will assist in binding loose soil particle for easy removal.

Use on the Right Grounds

One of the mistakes that most people make using their machines on any kind of ground that they come across. That is very wrong as it exposes the machine to harsh conditions some of which could be beyond the teeth capacity. If you do foundation drilling with teeth that are meant for poling, then you will definitely have a problem with a high rate of teeth wear. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have to understand the kind of grounds that your Pengo auger teeth can handle. That way, you will not have to worry about working on the wrong grounds.

Make Replacements and Replacement When Necessary

For your Pengo auger teeth to last for longer, then you need to make replacement and repairs when necessary. The auger head contains a number of teeth, and they will not wear off at the same time. However, if one tooth wears off, it is likely to accelerate the wear and tear of the rest of the teeth. It is therefore important to ensure that any faulty tooth is repaired or replaced.


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