What to Look For In Non-OEM King Kong Teeth

What to Look For In Non-OEM King Kong Teeth

If you need a replacement for your King Kong teeth, it may not be viable to go for the OEM replacements for the obvious reasons. First, it might take long before the teeth can reach, and thus end up costing you in terms of downtime. Lack of specifications and customization is another problem that could make OEM less attractive to some operators. Therefore, if you are planning to make replacement, non-OEM teeth would be the perfect choice for you King Kong machine. But even with some of the non-OEM could be of poor quality. So how can you discern the bad from the good? Here are some of the key features that you should look out for in non-OEM King Kong teeth

The Material Used

What kind of material is being used for the construction of the teeth? That should be the first questions that you should get answers to. It is also an important question since it determines the value and the quality of the teeth. The material used will also determine the kind of tasks that you can handle. Although there is a vast range of materials used, Tungsten carbide and steel are the most recommended materials for the making of teeth. Make sure that the tip is made from the carbide tip and the rest of the body is made from the highest grade of steel. These two parts will provide robust, sharp and maximum wear life teeth.

Size of the Teeth

The size of the Non-OEM King Kong Teeth is a factor that will affect the overall productivity of the machine. When it comes to determining the size, the essential aspect you should look out for is the thickness and the length of the teeth. For instance, if you have a King Kong forestry mulching and you are going to mulch tree limbs or tough vegetation, then you need to have strong mulching teeth. Some unscrupulous dealers fit the equipment with weaker teeth just to make a kill. Ensure that you have asked and certified teeth specifications to ensure that you are getting the right thing.


For all Non-OEM King Kong Teeth and parts, it is important to check the expected lifespan. That is an essential factor to consider since it will inform you if you are getting value for the money or not. If you are purchasing second-hand or refurbished teeth, then you should know that the durability could be an issue. Although the material used determined the useful life of the machine, sometimes used are likely to have a lower lifespan.


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