Avoid These Mistakes While Doing Auger Teeth Replacement

Avoid These Mistakes While Doing Auger Teeth Replacement

If you are pretty active in your drilling work, then auger teeth replacement is one of the key things that you cannot avoid. Very often, there will be a number of teeth that need to be replaced as a result of excessive wear or breakage. However, how you do the replacement but will be critical to the overall performance and productivity of the drilling machine.

If you are making teeth replacements for the first time, you need to be extra careful. There are several mistakes that people make that ends up costing them massive in their future drilling. But lucky you, we have compiled a number of these mistakes for you. Here are mistakes that you should always avoid while doing auger teeth replacement.

  1. Compromising Quality

Maintaining the quality of the auger teeth is a major problem with most people. One thing that you should always note is that the quality of the teeth that comes with the machine from the original manufacturer is the best quality. But when it comes to making replacements on your machine, it may be difficult to get OEM teeth, and that’s where people fall into counterfeit and low-quality teeth. Always go for OEM or buy from a reputable aftermarket company. Avoid unestablished brands.

  1. Teeth Specifications

One of the critical things that you need to consider is specifications of the teeth. You need to consider all the measurements ensure that you are getting what your machine needs. Things like the length of the teeth, the diameter of the cutting tip and the rest should be accurate. That will help you avoid the problem of return products.

  1. Going Cheap

Another mistake people make is going extremely cheap when it comes to buying auger teeth replacements. Some would see it as an opportunity to cut the maintenance cost, but they are actually doing the opposite. In cases where the prices are too low or when the deal is extremely sweat, then the quality of the teeth is compromised. Therefore, understand the market and the prices of quality products so that you don’t get fooled.

  1. The supplier

For the newbies, they need to understand that not everyone who says they supply auger teeth can be trusted. While some are genuine, other are rogue, dishonest and mostly responsible for the fake and counterfeit products. Therefore, you must get the right supplier if you are not placing the order directly from the manufacturer.


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