This is What You Get from Quality Pengo Rock Auger Teeth   

This is What You Get from Quality Pengo Rock Auger Teeth

If you are looking to make a replacement for you rock auger teeth, then Pengo tools would be one of the most recommended options in the market. Pengo rock auger teeth are not only some of the best options that you can find in the market but some of the most reputable. The company is best known for their quality products something that they have maintained over the years they have been in the market.

So what do you expect from Pengo rock auger teeth? Well, there are numerous expectations that you should have for Pengo tools, and the company does not disappoint. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in Pengo rock auger teeth:

High production

Your drilling machine’s production is greatly determined by the quality of the cutter tools you have installed. That what you will get from Pengo rock auger teeth(For more details These auger teeth are made from highest grade materials, and that is how they can provide incredible performance even in the most demanding conditions. Pengo has their cutter tools from steel alloys and tungsten carbide which are some of the hardest metals in the industry. Their teeth tip is made from tungsten carbide which can maintain the sharpness for long thus providing incredibly high performance. With such auger teeth, your drilling machine’s productivity will be increased significantly.

Low Rate of Wear

The high rate of wear on both the drilling machine and the tools is associated with inferior quality. When the teeth on your drilling machine are poor, then they cause a reduction in the efficiency of the machine resulting in increased wear. Pengo rock auger teeth increase and maintain high machine efficiency thus reducing the rate of wear on the equipment. Therefore, the overall lifespan of your drilling machine is increased significantly.

Low Cost of Operation

There are a number of ways that Pengo rock auger teeth can reduce the overall cost of operation. The first way is by improving the machine efficiency. Due to the high quality of auger teeth, the efficiency of the machine is improved, and that reduces the wear and tear of the machine and all wear parts. That will reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs. Fuel cost is another way that you can you can reduce the cost of operation. If your equipment is using inferior, it tends to consume more fuel. That will not be the case with Pengo cutter tools. Therefore, the overall cost of operation is significantly reduced.


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