Signs you have Installed Quality Auger Teeth Replacement on Your Equipment

Signs you have Installed Quality Auger Teeth Replacement on Your Equipment

The art of drilling can be very tricky especially when it comes to the use of tools. Due to the harsh conditions that most of the drilling take place, the quality of the cutting tools is critical. However, if you have been in the drilling industry for a while, you must have observed that the rate drilling cutter tools wear down is extremely high. That is why auger teeth replacement is one of the critical maintenance activities when it comes to operating a drilling equipment.

However, making the right replacement, at the right time and not ‘when necessary’ is critical to your equipment performance and productivity. But how can you tell that you have gotten the right auger teeth replacement? Well, here are few signs of quality auger teeth:

Improved Drilling Operation

The first thing you should notice if you have invested in quality auger teeth replacement is smooth operations. Poor teeth quality makes the machine to work hard, and it comes with some kind of roughness.  That could be taking longer to hit certain depth or just annoying noise. But if you have installed quality auger teeth, the most important thing that you notice is a seamless flow of the machine and quick delivery in previous difficult conditions.

Less Pressure Use

When the auger cutting bits is in bad condition, the drilling machine is forced to work extra-harder to compensate for the teeth. The most effective to address the deficiency is by increasing the pressure directed to the teeth, and that means the motor drive must work extra harder. But if you have done the right auger teeth replacement, the amount of pressure that used should come down significantly. That is an indication that the auger teeth are in excellent condition.

Less fuel Cost

There is a huge relationship between the condition of the teeth and the amount of fuel used. As mentioned above, when the auger teeth are badly worn down, the machine will be forced to work harder. That means more fuel will be required to for the extra power to be produced. If you have done quality auger teeth replacement, the cost of fuel should come down significantly.

These are some of the signs that can tell if you have invested in quality auger teeth replacement can have on you drilling equipment. However, there are other numerous factors that should be considered.


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