Is It Prudent To Invest In Aftermarket Drilling Tools?

Is It Prudent To Invest In Aftermarket Drilling Tools?

Aftermarket tools are widely being accepted in the industrial tools market. Today, this section of the market has shown massive potential due to the high number of people opting for these products. But the opinion on whether it is prudent to invest in aftermarket tool has divided the market into two. The bone of contention has been whether these tools are of the required quality or not. But maybe most of the people giving opinion are talking from a point of ignorance.

What is aftermarket product in a nutshell?

The term aftermarket tool and used tools can be used interchangeably. These are tools that have been used in another machine but have been refurbished or improved for reuse. Once they are back in the market, they are not identified as new but second-hand machines. However, there is no standardized way of determining the quality standard of these tools. But the fact is they have been quite in the market with a huge number of operators going for

Advantages of aftermath tools

One of the major advantages of the aftermath foundation drilling tools is cost. Compared to the OEM or the original drilling tools, they are cheap. That is one of the major reasons why some operators are attracted to buying these products. Some are going to the low of 50% cheap compared to the original products. That makes the highly competitive.

The second advantage these products have over the original one is availability. Most of the original or OEM products are not really available and in most cases, you need to wait several days for the order to be shipped. If the order is found to be faulty, your operations will be grounded for several days. For the aftermath products, they are mostly available at the local shops and you can inspect the product over the counter. So it is impossible to buy a faulty product.

Limitation of Aftermath Products

One of the major limitations of aftermath foundation drilling tools is shorter lifespan. Unlike the original drilling tools, aftermarket teeth or bits will serve you a short time. Remember they have already been used on other equipment before yours. Sometimes, you are not sure how many times it has been used.

Although they are cheap, these foundation drilling tools are associated with inferior quality. They are likely to record poor productivity and performance.

So the question whether it is prudent to invest in aftermarket foundation drilling tools or not depends on what the buyer is looking for.


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