How Proper Cooling Can Extend Your Mcmillen auger Parts Lifespan

How Proper Cooling Can Extend Your Mcmillen auger Parts Lifespan

While operating an auger attachment, one of the key things that you must take into account is the cooling mechanism.  Due to the tough nature of the soil especially for the foundation drilling, the amount of heat produced can be too much to the extent of destroying the auger parts. That is why cooling should be a priority. Depending on the kind of drilling task that you are carrying out, there are various ways that cooling can take place. If you are using Mcmillen auger, cooling should be one of the key things if you are to enjoy the attachment for an extended period.

There are different ways that you can control the amount of heat produced by the auger. First, the use of water has proven to extremely effective. What you need to do is to add water to the hole and it will absorb most of the heat being produced. Second, you can use air as the cooling agent. This is usually done by removing the auger from the hole in intervals to allow hot air to escape. But how does cooling improves the lifespan of the auger and auger parts? Well, this is how cooling can help extend you auger parts lifespan:

Proper Cooling Reduces Wear and Tear

Proper cooling of the auger attachment while drilling reduces the overall wear of the Mcmillen auger parts. As the auger goes through the hard layers of the soil, a lot of heat is developed at the tip of the teeth. If that heat is not managed correctly, it is like to promote a high rate of wear to the teeth. By cooling the Mcmillen auger teeth, the rate of wear is significantly reduced thus adding life to the teeth tip.

Cooling Keeps the Joint Intact

Apart from the teeth tip, another critical area that you need to consider carefully is the joint. The teeth joint joins the tip and the rest if the teeth. One thing that you need to note is that the tips are usually made from carbide material while the body is made of the steel. The two are joined by a weld and thus too much heat can melt the welding material thus destroying the entire teeth. However, with proper cooling, you will expand the lifespan of the Mcmillen auger bit by maintained an intact joint.

So these are two main ways that cooling can help extend the lifespan of Mcmillen auger bits. However, you need to choose the tight cooling mechanism that suits you auger attachment and the drilling task.


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