The Key Tub Grinder Parts

The Key Tub Grinder Parts

Tub grinders are some of the essential machines when it comes to solid waste management. But if you are operating a tub grinder, there are a few things that you need to consider critical for your machine to work at peak performance for longer. First is taking care of the critical parts of the grinder. But which the most critical parts of the grinder? Well, we are going to look at some of the key parts of the stump grinder and how you can ensure they are always in the best conditions.

The Hammer

Stump grinder hammer is one of the essential parts of the machine. It is the part that does the initial chopping of the wood into small pieces so that it can be processed further into required sizes. However, there are different types of tub grinder hammers depending on the size of the machine and the kind of wood it is shredding. So they may vary in maintenance too. But as a cutting tool, the hammer should be maintained in the best condition to ensure that any pieces of wood are shredded effective. Therefore, it must be sharpened regularly to ensure that the carbide tip is always in excellent condition.

The Chippers/ Chipping Blades

Once the wood has been chopped into small pieces, the next stage is chipping it into small pieces. That is when the use of the chippers becomes necessary. These are critical tub grinder wear parts and should be maintained in their best condition for the machine to produce the required size of chips. Basically, chipping blades should be maintained by sharpening the edges regularly. In most cases, chipping blades are not made from carbide material, but steel and so sharpening them may not be that difficult. You must also ensure that you have the chippers replaced to ensure that the machine is giving out the best performance.

Tub Grinder Teeth

Lastly are the tub grinder teeth. As part of the cutting elements of the tub grinder, they are critical parts that should be checked regularly for high performance of the machine. For the quality tub grinder teeth, you will find them designed with carbide teeth for better performance. But they should be maintained properly to keep them in good condition and keep the machine working at a better efficiency. You should have the condition of the carbide tip checked for dulling or blunting. But if a replacement is necessary, always ensure that it has been done for a better performance of the grinder.


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