The 4 Attractive Features of Olathe wood chippers

The 4 Attractive Features of Olathe wood chippers

Olathe wood chippers have been in the market for a while. A snap check on the company’s background will show you that these are some of the oldest brands to debut in the industrial machine market. So the manufacturer has been around for some time, and that is why they have been able to produce some of the best wood chippers in the market. Olathe has been consistent in quality production, and that is the reason why their products have grown increasingly popular over the time. But what are the features attracting operators to Olathe wood chippers? Here are the key features that you will enjoy from these machines:

High Performance

The performance of any industrial machine is based on the ability of the level of output. For Olathe wood chippers, they are highly preferred due to their incredible output levels. These are the kind of machines that can deliver incredible results in any condition. That is the reason why they are popular with commercial solid waste management. Olathe machines are constructed with powerful motors and wear parts such as the teeth and chippers, and that is why they are able to produce the high output.


When it comes wood chipping or solid waste management, there are different types of wood material to work on. Each material is different and may require a different kind of machine or grinder wear parts to shred. But with Olathe wood chipper, you don’t need to invest in another machine. These machines are designed to work on various types of woods- from the soft to the hard ones.  That is how versatile they and thus the reason why they are popular with farmers and commercial solid waste management.

Quality of wear parts

The quality of wear parts is one of the key features in all industrial machines. You’ll be wowed by the quality of wear parts that Olathe wood chippers come with. The company has invested heavily in quality, and this includes the wear parts. From the hammers, chippers, teeth and the rest of the grinder parts, the company has some of the best quality wear parts.


Olathe wood chippers are made from the highest grade materials. The wear parts, which are very crucial, are constructed from steel and carbide material. The body of the wear parts is usually high-grade steel while the carbide makes the tip. These are two high-quality materials with extremely high durability properties. That is Olathe wood chippers are known for their durability.



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