how to choose grinder wear parts 

how to choose grinder wear parts

When you have a grinder, it is normal that it would start to wear out over a period of time. So, whether you are deciding to replace the worn-out part in bits or you just want to upgrade any part that doesn’t meet your needs anymore, here is how to choose the right grinder part.

Look Out for the Manufacturer

There are different products out there that will serve you a great deal. You may have been using a particular product for years without issues. However, you need to understand that it is a machine and it slowly wears out depending on the level of usage.
Looking out for the manufacturer of your grinder is important, because not all grinder parts fit each other. Just as there are different manufacturers, the various parts of a grinder might not fit one another. For instance, there are different tub grinder wear parts that might not fit another tub grinder.

The Size of Grinder

Before buying a part of your grinder, you need to be totally aware of the size of the grinder you presently have. Considering the different horizontal grinder sizes as well as the constant improvements in grinder sizes, you may end up with a replacement part that doesn’t quite fit. A big horizontal grinder will not necessarily have the same grinder parts.
Although in some cases certain horizontal grinder parts have the same size, just to be sure of the right one, you need to know the size of your grinder and the size of the part. If you are not sure of the size, just take a picture of it or the part you can easily take to the store. Do it to avoid buying the wrong part.

You Need to Know the Manufacturing Year

One of the major things manufacturers do is to create products that combat the challenges of the former product.
So, different manufacturers design different products yearly to improve functionality. A grinder that was manufactured 6 years ago might not come with the same size of spare part. So, if it is a tub grinder wears parts that you want to change, you will need to know the manufactured year.

Ask About Upgrade

It is possible to have a grinder manufactured the same years, by the same manufacturer and of the same size but one is upgraded than the other. The manufacturer might just introduce a slight difference in the part to serve you better. Insist on finding out on the latest upgrades if any.


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