4 Common Problems with Grinder Wear Parts

4 Common Problems with Grinder Wear Parts

If you are operating a stump grinder, there are several things that you should expect from them. First, you expect that the machine performance and productivity will start going down gradually after a while. But there is a lot more that comes with grinder wear parts. These are main parts that contribute heavily to the removal of stumps. That is the reason why they are exposed more than the rest of the machines. There are several problems that you must be ready for when it comes grinder wear parts. Here are just a few of them:

Wear Down

Unlike the rest of the machine, grinder wear parts are prone to the high rate of wear, but that depends on the conditions that they are exposed to. Wear down usually increases with the frequency which the wear parts are being used. The most affected parts of the grinder are the teeth. That is because of their level of the exposure compared to the rest of the parts. However, the level of wear down depends on the quality of the material used for the construction and the condition they are exposed to. That is one of the things that you should expect.


If you are trying the grinder for the first time, then you must expect equipment breakdown at one time. That is something that affects even the most experienced operators in the market. The cause of breakdowns can be anything and strikes when least expected. It could be broken teeth, a cutter wheel, the belt or any other part that makes it difficult for the machine to work. Breakdown of grinder wear parts mostly results in downtimes that can be costly.


From time to time, the condition of the wear parts may become ineffective. The best way to get them back in shape and the original condition is through repairs. It could dull or blunt teeth which need some sharpening. These are things that you should expect. That is why it is recommended that you get yourself a toolbox for repair purposes. However, some repairs require professionals to handle.

Wear Parts Replacements

As the wear parts’ useful life comes to an end, they will start wearing down really quick. At this stage, repairs will not help much. Then you will not have any other option rather than make replacements. However, it is recommended that you get quality grinder wear parts for replacement. If possible, go for the original manufacturer wear parts.


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