Month: January 2022

The Main Advantages Using Cold Forged Machine Parts

The Main Advantages Using Cold Forged Machine Parts

The Main Advantages Using Cold Forged Machine Parts

The demand for cold forging tools has been surging over the last few years. This is both the manufacturer and the users gain immensely from the cold-forged machine parts. What are the key advantage that cold forged parts this popular in the market? Here are some of the reasons why investing in cold forged parts is the best decision you can make.

Better Mechanical Strength

One of the biggest advantages of cold forged machine parts is their mechanical strength. When compared to other forming methods such as casting, cold forging produces some of the strongest parts. With cold forging, metals do not lose their strength because the metal grains take the shape of the formed parts. The smooth flowing grains ensure that both the strength and hardness of the parts are maintained and improved.

Better Surface Finish

The biggest problem with machining, casting, and also hot forging is finish work. The forged parts usually need some finishing work for them too. So a lot of finished work is needed to get the final product. Cold forged machine parts do not need this. The cold forging process produces near-net-shape products, and of finish, work will be needed, it will be very minimal.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The other advantage of cold forging is the reduction of the energy needed for the production of the forgings. In some forming techniques, such as hot forging and casting, a lot of energy is needed to heat metals to the crystallization or molten state. But with cold forging, you will be spending very nothing on energy at this stage because you don’t need to heat.

Higher Productivity

The production rate of cold-forged machine parts is higher because some steps are skipped. You don’t heat the metal, and you may also not need to finish work. These are steps that you would need to have in the hot forging and warm forging. A shorter process means high productivity, and this will mean more for the manufacturer looking for large quantities.

 Cheaper Tools

The other advantage that cold-forged machine parts get is the cheaper tools compared to casting or machined parts. This is because of the reduction in the overall production cost that makes the final products cheaper. With the heating and finishing work eliminated, and the waste of materials reduced, cold forging reduces the cost of manufacturing parts.