Tips To Extend Your Tub Grinder’s Lifespan For Longer   

Tips To Extend Your Tub Grinder’s Lifespan For Longer                                   

While buying a tub grinder or any other industrial machine, there are two key features that we always look out for; performance, and Useful life. These are key factors that will give you value for money. But for you to enjoy the two features, the condition of the teeth must be maintained at its best. In this article, you are going to look at the main tips to keep your tub grinder wear parts in good condition for longer useful life for the machine. Check out these tips:

Install Quality Wear Part

The quality of the wear parts is one of the key features that you need to check carefully. It does not make sense at all if you have inferior wear parts in terms of quality. For instance, if you have poor quality grinder teeth, the impact will be on the entire machine. You will have a problem with the efficiency which will then affect the performance of the machine negatively. With the efficiency of the grinder going down, the rate of wear and tear on both the wear parts and the rest of the machine will increase tremendously. At the end you grinding machine will not last for long to give you value for money. So, your wear parts should be constructed with the highest grade of raw material.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance has proven over the years to work great in extending the useful life of the machine. But you have to go beyond the scheduled maintenance as specified by the manufacturer.  In most cases, grinder manufacturer will specify that you get the machine maintained after a specific duration or worked hours. But that may be too late for a developing fault in the wear parts. Regular or daily maintenance is the best way to keep you wears parts and the entire machine in good shape. Make you that you have checked the condition of the grinder teeth after grinding to ensure that every tooth is okay. You might find a weakening joint or dulling tooth.

Repair and Replacement

If grinder wear parts are not repaired or replaced, then it will affect the performance, and the condition of the rest wear parts and more so the entire machine. If a broken grind tooth is not repaired, then it put pressure the good ones, and that will impact negatively on their condition. So, have the faulty parts repaired or replaced if the condition is beyond repair.

The 4 Attractive Features of Olathe wood chippers

The 4 Attractive Features of Olathe wood chippers

Olathe wood chippers have been in the market for a while. A snap check on the company’s background will show you that these are some of the oldest brands to debut in the industrial machine market. So the manufacturer has been around for some time, and that is why they have been able to produce some of the best wood chippers in the market. Olathe has been consistent in quality production, and that is the reason why their products have grown increasingly popular over the time. But what are the features attracting operators to Olathe wood chippers? Here are the key features that you will enjoy from these machines:

High Performance

The performance of any industrial machine is based on the ability of the level of output. For Olathe wood chippers, they are highly preferred due to their incredible output levels. These are the kind of machines that can deliver incredible results in any condition. That is the reason why they are popular with commercial solid waste management. Olathe machines are constructed with powerful motors and wear parts such as the teeth and chippers, and that is why they are able to produce the high output.


When it comes wood chipping or solid waste management, there are different types of wood material to work on. Each material is different and may require a different kind of machine or grinder wear parts to shred. But with Olathe wood chipper, you don’t need to invest in another machine. These machines are designed to work on various types of woods- from the soft to the hard ones.  That is how versatile they and thus the reason why they are popular with farmers and commercial solid waste management.

Quality of wear parts

The quality of wear parts is one of the key features in all industrial machines. You’ll be wowed by the quality of wear parts that Olathe wood chippers come with. The company has invested heavily in quality, and this includes the wear parts. From the hammers, chippers, teeth and the rest of the grinder parts, the company has some of the best quality wear parts.


Olathe wood chippers are made from the highest grade materials. The wear parts, which are very crucial, are constructed from steel and carbide material. The body of the wear parts is usually high-grade steel while the carbide makes the tip. These are two high-quality materials with extremely high durability properties. That is Olathe wood chippers are known for their durability.


Why Tub Grinder Teeth Replacement is Crucial

Why Tub Grinder Teeth Replacement is Crucial

Tub grinders are critical machines when it comes to solid waste management. But the output and the overall performance of the machine matters greatly with how well it is maintained. One of the key factors that any operator should be wary about is the condition of the tub grinder teeth.  By virtue of being the main cutting parts, there are critical in determining the overall output of the tub grinder. That is why the grinder should be maintained regularly to ensure peak performance of the machine.

In most cases, repair of the tub grinder teeth is the typical thing to keep the grinder operating at peak performance. But in some severe cases, only a replacement can improve your tub grinder’s performance. But why is tub grinder teeth replacement critical? Well, there are numerous reasons why you need teeth replacement. Check out these reasons:

To maintenance performance

Performance is everything when it comes to industrial machines. It is the only way as an operator you can get value for the money. But this will greatly depend on various factors including the wear parts. To maintain or restore a peak performance, the condition of the grinder teeth must always remain at its best. If the teeth are blunt, broken or even dull, then your tub grinder will definitely have a problem with good performance. Therefore, you need to have the teeth in good condition, and one of the best ways to achieve it is by replacement.  This will help you get rid of faulty teeth to get your grinder to work again.

To Save Operation Cost

It has been proven that a poor efficient machine results in high cost of operation. Well, that comes in different ways. First, poorly efficient machine results in high rate of wear and tear and that will definitely increase the cost of repair and maintenance. Second, it is proven that any machine is operating at lower efficiency usually consumes more fuel. That also increases the cost of operation. In most cases, poor efficiency is as a result of poor teeth condition. So, by making a replacement, you will be cutting on the cost of operation which will significantly save you a lot of money.

Extend Useful Life

The useful life of a tub grinder greatly depends on the maintenance and more so the efficiency which it operates with. So by replacing tub grinder teeth, you will be working on improving the overall efficiency of the machine, and this will significantly impact on its durability and lifespan of the grinder.

The Key Tub Grinder Parts

The Key Tub Grinder Parts

Tub grinders are some of the essential machines when it comes to solid waste management. But if you are operating a tub grinder, there are a few things that you need to consider critical for your machine to work at peak performance for longer. First is taking care of the critical parts of the grinder. But which the most critical parts of the grinder? Well, we are going to look at some of the key parts of the stump grinder and how you can ensure they are always in the best conditions.

The Hammer

Stump grinder hammer is one of the essential parts of the machine. It is the part that does the initial chopping of the wood into small pieces so that it can be processed further into required sizes. However, there are different types of tub grinder hammers depending on the size of the machine and the kind of wood it is shredding. So they may vary in maintenance too. But as a cutting tool, the hammer should be maintained in the best condition to ensure that any pieces of wood are shredded effective. Therefore, it must be sharpened regularly to ensure that the carbide tip is always in excellent condition.

The Chippers/ Chipping Blades

Once the wood has been chopped into small pieces, the next stage is chipping it into small pieces. That is when the use of the chippers becomes necessary. These are critical tub grinder wear parts and should be maintained in their best condition for the machine to produce the required size of chips. Basically, chipping blades should be maintained by sharpening the edges regularly. In most cases, chipping blades are not made from carbide material, but steel and so sharpening them may not be that difficult. You must also ensure that you have the chippers replaced to ensure that the machine is giving out the best performance.

Tub Grinder Teeth

Lastly are the tub grinder teeth. As part of the cutting elements of the tub grinder, they are critical parts that should be checked regularly for high performance of the machine. For the quality tub grinder teeth, you will find them designed with carbide teeth for better performance. But they should be maintained properly to keep them in good condition and keep the machine working at a better efficiency. You should have the condition of the carbide tip checked for dulling or blunting. But if a replacement is necessary, always ensure that it has been done for a better performance of the grinder.

Key Grinder Wear Parts to Look Out For

Key Grinder Wear Parts to Look Out For

Grinders are critical machines when it comes to solid waste management. They are most used in the making agriculture industry for shredding wood waste into small particles that can decompose back to the soil or for industrial use as boiler fuels. But just like other industrial machines, you need to ensure that their best condition for peak performance. That is why it important to keep checking the condition of grinder wear parts. But what are the key grinder wear parts? Here are some of the main parts of a wood grinder:

Teeth Tips

These are the main parts if the grinder teeth that would are responsible for the cutting wood into small particles. The tips should always be in their sharpest condition. For better quality and efficiency of the machine, it is important to ensure that the tip is made from carbide material. If you are grinding tough wood such as tree limbs, then tungsten carbide is highly recommended. This is one of the best materials that can produce peaks performance at any time. It is also important to ensure that have the tips sharpened whenever they appear to become dull.


If you are using a hammer grinder such as horizontal and tub grinders, then the main shredding part is usually the hammers. For such cases, you don’t have the chippers or tips, and thus the hammer is the cutting tools.  Just the rest of the cutting tools, you have to ensure that the hammer is in good conditions always. The main factor that you need to consider is the type of wood that you are grinding and frequency at which you are using the machine. If you are using the machine commercially and more so every day, then it is only important that you have the have the hammer checked regularly.

The screen

The screen is one of the most neglected parts of the grinding machine. Although it does not do the actual cutting, they are very crucial in the cooling of the grinding machine. For the proper performance of the machine, you need to ensure that the screen is always clean and free from blocking debris. That will ensure that air can get in to cool the machine. But you must also ensure that the screen openings are fitted for that kind of machine. They should not be too large to allow to allow for the chipped wood to enter that machine or to be easily blocked by debris and dust.

How to keep Tub Grinder Wear Parts in Good Conditions

How to keep Tub Grinder Wear Parts in Good Conditions

Wood processing industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. With the demand for chipped wood for both industrial consumption and farming going up, the use wood grinders have also increased significantly. Although there are numerous types of wood chippers on the market, tub grinders are some of the popular due to their ability to handle large and tough tasks. They are also extremely powerful compared to most of the available alternatives. But to keep these machines working at peak performance, you should keep their wear parts in good condition. Here are tips on how to keep tub grinder wear parts in good conditions:

Check Wear Parts Regularly

Checking the condition of the wear parts and more so the teeth and chippers are essential when it comes to maintaining your tub grinder the performance. Being part of the cutting wear parts, they are prone to the high rate of wear and tear. If not checked or maintained regularly, then you will have problems of poor output as a result of blunt or dull teeth. Regularly checking, especially after every task will help you identify problems at their initial stages. That way, you will be able to rectify before the problem has grown out of proportion.

Make Replacements When Necessary

In most cases, tub grinder wear requires just a repair to restore their good condition. Sometimes it could be the sharpening of the teeth or chipper to restore the machine performance. But when the condition of the tub grinder wear parts is too severe, and repair can only do very little to improve them, then replacement might be the only way out. Therefore, you need a replacement, especially for the cutting teeth, when necessary so as to maintain the machine peak performance. However, you must watchout the type of replacement that you make. The best quality of tub grinder wears parts that the market can offer for your replacement.

Use Your Tub Grinder Properly

How the grinder is used has a direct impact on the wear parts. That means that you have to consider the type of wood that you are shredding depending on the type of the teeth, hammer or the inserts that you have on your machine. The wear parts are not made for tough conditions such as tree limbs, then don’t expose them to such conditions since it will result in high rate of wear and tear. The performance of the machine will also be reduced significantly.

how to choose grinder wear parts 

how to choose grinder wear parts 

When you have a grinder, it is normal that it would start to wear out over a period of time. So, whether you are deciding to replace the worn-out part in bits or you just want to upgrade any part that doesn’t meet your needs anymore, here is how to choose the right grinder part.

Look Out for the Manufacturer

There are different products out there that will serve you a great deal. You may have been using a particular product for years without issues. However, you need to understand that it is a machine and it slowly wears out depending on the level of usage.
Looking out for the manufacturer of your grinder is important, because not all grinder parts fit each other. Just as there are different manufacturers, the various parts of a grinder might not fit one another. For instance, there are different tub grinder wear parts that might not fit another tub grinder.

The Size of Grinder

Before buying a part of your grinder, you need to be totally aware of the size of the grinder you presently have. Considering the different horizontal grinder sizes as well as the constant improvements in grinder sizes, you may end up with a replacement part that doesn’t quite fit. A big horizontal grinder will not necessarily have the same grinder parts.
Although in some cases certain horizontal grinder parts have the same size, just to be sure of the right one, you need to know the size of your grinder and the size of the part. If you are not sure of the size, just take a picture of it or the part you can easily take to the store. Do it to avoid buying the wrong part.

You Need to Know the Manufacturing Year

One of the major things manufacturers do is to create products that combat the challenges of the former product.
So, different manufacturers design different products yearly to improve functionality. A grinder that was manufactured 6 years ago might not come with the same size of spare part. So, if it is a tub grinder wears parts that you want to change, you will need to know the manufactured year.

Ask About Upgrade

It is possible to have a grinder manufactured the same years, by the same manufacturer and of the same size but one is upgraded than the other. The manufacturer might just introduce a slight difference in the part to serve you better. Insist on finding out on the latest upgrades if any.