How to keep Tub Grinder Wear Parts in Good Conditions

How to keep Tub Grinder Wear Parts in Good Conditions

Wood processing industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. With the demand for chipped wood for both industrial consumption and farming going up, the use wood grinders have also increased significantly. Although there are numerous types of wood chippers on the market, tub grinders are some of the popular due to their ability to handle large and tough tasks. They are also extremely powerful compared to most of the available alternatives. But to keep these machines working at peak performance, you should keep their wear parts in good condition. Here are tips on how to keep tub grinder wear parts in good conditions:

Check Wear Parts Regularly

Checking the condition of the wear parts and more so the teeth and chippers are essential when it comes to maintaining your tub grinder the performance. Being part of the cutting wear parts, they are prone to the high rate of wear and tear. If not checked or maintained regularly, then you will have problems of poor output as a result of blunt or dull teeth. Regularly checking, especially after every task will help you identify problems at their initial stages. That way, you will be able to rectify before the problem has grown out of proportion.

Make Replacements When Necessary

In most cases, tub grinder wear requires just a repair to restore their good condition. Sometimes it could be the sharpening of the teeth or chipper to restore the machine performance. But when the condition of the tub grinder wear parts is too severe, and repair can only do very little to improve them, then replacement might be the only way out. Therefore, you need a replacement, especially for the cutting teeth, when necessary so as to maintain the machine peak performance. However, you must watch out the type of replacement that you make. The best quality of tub grinder wears parts that the market can offer for your replacement.

Use Your Tub Grinder Properly

How the grinder is used has a direct impact on the wear parts. That means that you have to consider the type of wood that you are shredding depending on the type of the teeth, hammer or the inserts that you have on your machine. The wear parts are not made for tough conditions such as tree limbs, then don’t expose them to such conditions since it will result in high rate of wear and tear. The performance of the machine will also be reduced significantly.

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