Common Applications Of Hydraulic Press

Common Applications Of Hydraulic Press

Common Applications Of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic presses are machines press that uses hydraulic cylinders to generate a very powerful compressive force. The generated force is the one that’s used in various industries for various uses. The manufacturing industry is, of course, one of the industries that are using these machines.

There are many applications of hydraulic presses in the manufacturing industry. In this post, we will look at some of the areas that these machines are widely used. Check out the following:


One of the areas that hydraulic machines are being used is in forging. This is one of the manufacturing industries that’s growing very fast. There are various types of forging, but hot and cold forging is the most popular in the market. In forging applications, hydraulic machines produce the compression force needed to press the workpiece against the mold to produce the required shapes. Do note that the kind of compression force needed depends on the metal’s hardness, and strength is formed.


Another area that hydraulic presses are used is in the clinching, also known as press-joining. This is the process through which bulky metal sheets are jointed without additional components. The technique works by pressing the two sheets together till they produce plasticity to form the joint. Depending on the hydraulic press machine, the compression force is enough to produce plasticity in the material.

Blanking and Piecing

Blanking and piercing are common processes used in the manufacturing industry. They are manufacturing processes through which a punch and die are used to produce parts from the sheet stocks and coils. They are mostly for making wholes both outside and on the inside of the workpiece. The compression force needed to make these holes is gotten from the hydraulic press. There are various types of blanking and piercing that are used depending on the expected product. There are several things that


As the name suggests, punching is a forming process of creating holes in the workpiece. In this case, we are saying about making holes on the metal sheets. The hydraulic press machines are used to produce the punching forces needed for making these holes. The forming process is applied in a number of materials, including sheet metals, vulcanized fiber, and paper.

Deep Drawing

The other application of the hydraulic press machines is in deep drawing. This is another forming process where the metal blanks are radially drawn into a forming die through mechanical action. This mechanical action is usually the compression force that’s produced by the hydraulic press.

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